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Class Descriptions

Priceless Performers Academy of Arts was established to bring exceptional dance instruction to the Peachtree Corners / Dunwoody areas. We offer a wide range of classes for children as well as classes for adults.

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Gym & Me
“Gym & Me” is a specialized gymnastics program for children ages 3 through 5. The program will teach children both large and small motor skills, such as reaching, crawling, walking, climbing, throwing, and hand-eye coordination. They will also learn flexibility and strengthening activities and game sharing. Activities include walking balance beam, kicking footballs and soccer balls, jumping rope, climbing ladders, stretching and singing to music, batting balls, swinging golf clubs, riding scooters, and many other fun activities. The program strives to teach children how to work as a team in a fun and safe environment.

Kinder Dance I (3 & 4 Year Olds)
A class that combines creative movement, pre-ballet and stretching with tumbling for children ages 3-4. Emphasis is placed on coordination, flexibility, rhythm and timing. Songs and games make this class fun, as well as educational.

Kinder Dance II ( 4 & 5 Year Olds )
Kinder Dance II is a ballet/tap combo class that introduces 4 & 5 Year Olds to basic ballet and tap technique. Emphasis is placed on coordination, flexibility, rhythm and timing. Dancers will begin to learn short dance combinations.

Pre-Primary Ballet/Tap/Jazz ( Kindergarten & 1st Graders )
Pre-Primary Ballet & Tap is a class that teaches basic ballet and tap terminology, rhythms, fine motor skills and music awareness. Dancers will also focus on learning song and dance routines.

Primary Ballet/Tap/Jazz ( Ages 7 & Up)
Primary Ballet & Tap combo classes are for dancers ages 7 and up. Students will build their ballet and tap vocabulary while focusing on proper technique. Intermediate students with teacher approval will have extended 11/2 classes.

Acrobatics ( Ages 5 & Up )
A  class that teaches flexibility. Classes begin with stretching exercises and move on to cartwheels, limbers, walkovers and aerial work (for advanced students only). This class can be likened to gymnastics floor work. Students progress at their own pace.

A class that concentrates on developing proper body posture, poise, and balance. Children are exposed to both classical and contemporary forms of ballet through the use of both classical and popular music. Ballet classes form the foundation of all dance classes. Students may begin Pointe classes at teacher’s discretion.

A tap class that is both fun and educational. Tap classes are available for both children and adults. Tap classes develop a sense of rhythm, timing, and self-expression. Separate ballet classes are highly recommended.

Jazz (Ages 7 & Up)
A jazz class is available for children and teens. Dancers who are 7 years old must take a separate ballet/tap combo class. Jazz is based on ballet and lyrical dance techniques set to modem music.

Lyrical (ages 9 & up)

Lyrical is interpreting the words in the music. Classes include Broadway based jazz and funky jazz.

Hip Hop ( Ages 8 & Up )
A  jazz class set to modern music. Hip hop styles based on street dance. it is recommended that students take a separate jazz class.

Drama/Musical Theatre Drama/Musical Theater is a program offered through Atlanta Studio Theatre.  Actors will audition for select shows and hone skills in singing, dancing and acting.

Spring Performances
Parents are given 2 free tickets to our year end Spring Performances and can purchase additional tickets if they wish.
This is the high point of the year for students and parents and a fun time is had by all


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