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Here Is What Our Students And Parents Are Saying

“Priceless Performers is a part of our lives and our lifestyle for the whole family. Because we were all learning new skills, it brought us closer together as a family. Doug and I really understand what the kids were experiencing and they thought it was really cool that their Mom and Dad weren’t afraid to try new things too!”

Doug & Barbara Ingram

This was our first year with Priceless Performers. We love the relaxed atmosphere, and especially the tasteful costumes and dances. The studio makes dancing fun again. It is an organized, well run program that really meets our family’s needs.”

Wendy Dore


“I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done! The recital was wonderful! My daughter had so much fun and felt very special. You were so organized and helpful with the practices & the recital. Thank you for all your hard work. I have many friends I will be referring to Priceless Performers.”

Shari Moody


“My daughter thoroughly enjoyed dancing at Priceless Performers this year. She really liked her teachers, dances, costumes, and the new friends she made. As a parent, I was also very pleased with our experience at Priceless Performers. The studio is very organized, keeps parents informed and is very serious about the safety of the children – all while making sure the kids have fun. The year-end recital was amazing and behind the scenes was an efficient well run production.”

Vickie Brewster


“Thanks for another great year. I can’t believe how much my daughter has improved this year. We enjoyed the recital and are looking forward to being a “Performer” next year.”

Lynn Sponholz


“The most important thing for me was the joy my daughter had in going to class. She really feels good about herself. The spring performance was so impressive. It had a wonderful theme and great music that the whole family could enjoy (even older brothers). The dancers did such a wonderful job and seemed to enjoy themselves. It seemed like such a positive experience for all of them.”

Christine Clemens


“Our first year of ballet was at Priceless Performers and it was wonderful! The teachers are knowledgeable and loving, and the studio is extremely organized. I felt very informed.”

Cynthia Bower


“Being a “Performer” has helped my daughter to develop poise and confidence. She loves the fun of dancing with friends in class and while performing, and the exercise keeps her fit. As I sat in the audience at the recent recital, I was amazed at and proud of the talent I saw among the dancers.”

Colleen Fong


“Before my daughter became a part of Priceless Performers she was very shy and you wouldn’t dare find her in front of people dancing. Now her confidence is high and she loves to show everyone her new dance moves. Thank you for helping her with her confidence level and self-esteem.”

Bronwyn Scott


“We are a family of dancing novices, bit I know professionalism when I see it. Our daughter looked forward to her weekly classes and worked hard to do her best for the final show. The year-end recital was very professionally executed and the kids had fun. What a great & exciting combination!”

Marina Adler


“As a mother of three daughters I have been to many dance recitals. Priceless Performers’ recital was by far the best and most tasteful recital I have ever been to. We are so glad to have such a great studio in our community.”

Cari Schall


“Annie’s 6th year of dance – which was at Priceless Performers – was just a wonderful experience. While making it a professional business, at the same time, it is very personal, even “warm-fuzzy”. The attention to detail is everywhere: the instruction & discipline, choreography, waiting/dressing areas, even “picture days” were a pleasure. The recitals were 1st rate; the girls are obviously a cohesive group – everything down to the level of organization, the beautiful souvenir programs – it’s amazing! Another biggie in our book – our daughter is building quality friendships in a quality atmosphere!”

Corinne Craig


“Very professional, very well done – everything was well organized and the recital was a dream!”

Meg Funk


“The Performers did a fantastic job! They really looked great on stage. The production number was very well staged. One family member said it was the best recital she’d been to in my daughters 6 years of dance”.

Patricia Ellsworth


“My daughter had a great year learning ballet. The teachers were wonderful in getting her to focus and learn. She especially loved performing in the recital. AND what a performance! I was extremely impressed and found it delightful to watch. It will be a memory that my daughter and the rest of my family will always treasure”.

Stephanie Logue



“We have seen our daughter making progress and enjoying dance at all times. This is not only what we, as parents, dream of her life to be, but to also enjoy her childhood in a pleasurable way. Thank you for leading her in the right direction.”

Ran Wei


“We would like to thank Priceless Performers for the wonderful experience our daughter had. The instructors were extremely nice and informative. The studio is always a happy and fun place for her to be. She will never forget the Mickey routine. Thank you!”

Briana Allard


“Thanks for a great year! The spring performance was one of the most professional I have ever seen! I have never been more impressed with choreography! You are organized and always attentive to the children. Thanks so much!”

Karen Ferrero


“I wanted to thank you for all the time and work you put into this years show. It was a great show – all your hard work was really obvious. From the choreography, to the costumes, to the comfort level all the children possessed on stage – all of it was incredible. Thanks for making this performance so much fun to participate in and so much fun for us to watch.”

Andi Curcio


“A long overdue note to express how happy we are with Priceless Performers Studio. We had a wonderful experience in Irish and tap. I continue to be impressed with the skill level of all the teachers and how fun they make the classes. We danced at another local studio and the steps they learned were elementary compared to your studio.

We received our recital video the other day and watched the Irish dance three times! I can’t believe I had any tears left, but I cried each time. We learned a lot, made some friends and enjoyed helping the little ones in the musical theatre production in the recital.’

I can’t believe this is only your second year! The recital was amazing and I heard many people say the girls looked like they had danced together for years. Congratulations to you and your staff on your great success. We look forward to many more years of dance with you.”

Jane Kelly

“We have had a good experience with Priceless Performers and all its staff. Jenn Harmon is an excellent director and works very well with parents and students. The recital, the first for the studio, was absolutely phenomenal with great costumes, dance/song selections and choreography”.

Manoj Madhaven

“I am thrilled with my experience at Priceless Performers. I have two girls who have both danced at different studios and they couldn’t be happier. From a parents perspective I have been catered to as far as working out my personal scheduling or whatever I might need. I’ve been well-informed – the recital was the best one I’ve ever seen and the choices of dance types was phenomenal. Thank you Priceless Performers!”

Tiffany Witkin

“Our experience with Priceless Performers has been great! We love the teachers and staff. We had a great time at the recital last year. It was very well put together. The girls love Irish”.

Kathy & Steve Couch

“We have experienced nothing but A+ service. We could take dance much closer to home but continue to feel that Priceless Performers is a gift. Teachers are caring and flexible, yet serious about consistency and discipline in age appropriate ways. Thanks for all you do”.

Mary & Ted Guerrant

“I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased we were with our first year of dance at Priceless Performers. When we found out about your studio opening, we had already registered at another studio but took the chance and came to you instead. What a wonderful change it has been for our family. We were looking for a studio that made dancing fun again! Our daughter wanted to dance for the fun and costumes and we wanted her to develop confidence and get some exercise. We found it all at your studio. We appreciate the opportunity you give all your dancers to grow in such a positive environment. Thanks again for a wonderful year. Keep up the great work!”

Bo and Renee Reddic


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